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Give us a call on 01224 261310 with your enquiry, Please ask for CampbellFor projector hire Aberdeen, powerpoint projectors rentals, projecting from laptop computers or boardroom projections equipment then Aberdeen Projector Hire are the company to come to. We have a range of professional boardroom projectors available for hire from our central Aberdeen offices. Our primary hire unit which we find suitable for most jobs is the SVGA resolution Mitsubishi SL4SU data / video projector which has a light output of 1700 ANSI lumens - Like most statistics & rating these are open to, shall-we-say "interpretation". In effect we have found these reliable, compact & easy to use projectors to be brighter than models from less well known brands rated at 2500 ANSI lumens which is why we have the SL4SU as the backbone of our projector hire stock at Aberdeen Projector Hire. These LCD video / data projectors weigh in at 2.7 kgs (6 lbs) and are approxiamately 30cm x 30cm x 7cm and fit neatly into the supplied carrying case for ease of transport. They will accept various types of input (PAL or NTSC, S-Video, Composite Video, SVGA, etc) and are suitable for use with laptop computers running Microsoft Powerpoint and other such applications. We would generally suggest that these projectors can be used in lights-on boardroom situations for up to 30 people. The ability to restrict bright sunlight will help create a brighter image but as long as direct sunlight is not shining onto the screen it should be fine. Please note that like most other modern data / video projectors, the Mitsubishi SL4SU does not have on-board speakers of any note, being roughly comparable to those found on a laptop computer, so for any presentations requiring audio playback an external sound system will be required. We find that a set of powered PC speakers is generally adequate for smaller boardroom presentation situations. For customers intending to use our projectors in conjunction with laptop / notebook computers we ask that the customer bring the computer with them while collecting the projector that they will be hiring to ensure correct system configuration - We find that most problems are at the computer end (the projectors are set to autodetect an active input) - Usually the external VGA port has to be turned on using one of the function keys. We will give a brief demo of the relevant features and use of the projector upon collection to ensure smooth usage.

DVD & VHS player rental  - Please call Campbell on 01244 261310 with your enquiry.For customers who require to hire a DVD player we do have them, plus VHS players in our hire stock, plus the appropriate cables to hook up to our video projectors. We have tripod screens in our hire stock too which are a common customer hire item. For customers using a screen it is worth noting that optimal projector placement is twice as far back from the screen as the image is wide (ie. for a six foot wide image the projector should be twelve feet back, at 90 degrees to the centre of the screen, with the bottom of the lens in line with the bottom of the screen). The zoom lens allows for adjustment of the distance from the screen, and the projector has a vertical keystone facility to allow for the projector not being vertically aligned. The screen height can be adjusted to suit, and to ensure that the full screen has an image which gives a more professional appearance all round.

If you'd like to book a projector from Aberdeen Projector Hire then please drop us an email or call 0131 558 3824 to discuss your query and confirm availability and details. We will then require written confirmation of a hire, on headed notepaper where appropriate. A purchase order number will be required if your systems need one to generate payment. In the case of non-account customers we will require full payment upon collection of your hire. Photographic proof of identity and recent proof of address will also be required at the time of collction. Payment can be by cheque or ash as we can not process card payments at this time.

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